We are making new ways of marketing accessible to artists. With this producer gallery EMPTINESS, we pursue, among other things, a direct marketing concept that also integrates artists who are represented by established galleries. Artists will not be represented by galleries alone, but also by art lovers and those who are interested in arts.

The benefits of online galleries and direct-marketing concepts are a better and a faster availability of information and marketing strategies like this affiliate-advertising system which allows to build up bigger groups of interested people at a faster rate as well as creating stronger bases for cooperating artists. Thus, this affiliate-advertising system practically is a self-exponentiating system.

Even conventional galleries being part of the system benefit from it by enlargening their assortments as well as their incomes at no costs expanding their regular gallery activities and related online pages after all.

This direct-marketing system works as follows: It consists of an affiliate (the gallery
EMPTINESS), an advertiser (the artist), and a so-called merchant (the advertiser and mediator the website of whom carries the button of this gallery).

Why do owners of websites take our button on their pages? Quite simple: because they can earn money without any other effort. As soon as somebody visits the page and clicks the button, s/he gets on the realisation-room page of the gallery
EMPTINESS where s/he has the opportunity to select and buy exhibits. Merchants (owner of the website) get an amount of 15 p.c. per object price as a commission which is passed to the credit of their accounts.
Payment is made directly on the PayPal account of the related artist. As soon as the amount has been paid into his/her account, the artist sends the art object to the address of the buyer. Afterwards, the artist pays 10 p.c. to the online gallery for maintenance of the system and the service.

Joining the gallery EMPTINESS is free for artists.
What have you got to do?
(a) You need digital photos of your exhibits in the jpg or gif format with a max. size of 800x900 pixel.
(b) You load your pictures up our server or just send us a CD. We'll make the pictures suitable for the web so that they may be uploaded quickly. If you don't have a FTP access where you can update the pictures, we'll do it for you.

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