With various offers, g
allery EMPTINESS is a platform for those 
who wish to present themselves, their work or their projects. With memberships being free of charge, all creative collaborators and 
contributors who help develop the idea of the producer's gallery EMPTINESS are appreciated.
 The possibilities an EMPTINESS actor has are the following:

a personal EMPTINESS homepage where the actor can present himself/herself
 and his/her work in detail

participation in the EMPTINESS project page

interlinkage with existing EMPTINESS projects, other internet pages
.and individual projects of paticipating actors

Any artist is welcome at our producer's Gallery
EMPTINESS be he/she a painter, a sculptor, a photographer, a performer, a conceptual or other artist! As the founders of EMPTINESS and gallery EMPTINESS we do our best to adopt an
 open-minded attitude towards any project, artist and idea.

Jergan Janssen-Jerom and Felicitas Gross
Founding actors

For any inquiries, suggestions, or proposals, please do not hesitate
 to contact the gallery at:



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